Ten Random Facts:

1. My lovey growing up was the stuffed bunny from Goodnight Moon, most often known as Bun Bun, and occasionally (and inexplicably) known as Froshler.

2. My parents (endearingly?) refer to me as “The Hoover” for my incredible ability to suck up every. single. crumb. when I’m at home.

3. Senior year of high school, I was elected to the prom court (and later won prom queen…. IDK guys). They made me wear a dress and sit in a throne on stage in front of the entire senior class. Just no.

4. As a child, my parents tried teaching me the anatomically correct phrases for bodily functions. They told me it was “more polite.” This resulted in my thinking it okay to scream “I HAVE TO DEFECATE” at the top of my lungs on an airplane.

5. From the ages of 10-12, I kept a diary (super juicy, all about my crush on Morgan and my new Limited Too purchases), in the hopes that someday when I was famous it would be used in my autobiography. I ripped it up at age 13. Wise choice, child.

6. My first boyfriend looks strangely like a cross between young Leo DiCaprio and Julia Stiles. And def more like the latter.

7. E.T. is the first movie that ever made me cry. Still does.



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