Sweet and Tangy Green Juice

Let’s talk about life. Yeah, yeah, this is a food blog. But food is life, and life – like food – is all about moderation. Some bad for you here, some good for you there.

So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about how I recently put down three boxes of Girl Scout cookies in under a week. It was still cold and February-ish and Spring was nowhere in sight. So I did it, and I liked it.

But then something amazing happened. The temp hit 70 degrees this week. In March. MARCH! I’ve found my spirit renewed… and my pants too tight. So here’s where we moderate. Bring on the good for you.

I’m not really into the whole juice fad, personally. I don’t believe in “cleanses.” That is not a thing. Toxins and fat don’t magically disappear from your body because you chugged a few gallons of juice in three days. But I actually like green juice. It tastes fresh and gives you a whopping dose of vitamins and nutrients. So I like to have one of these delicious green juices WITH a delicious, healthy breakfast. And by breakfast I do not mean an entire box of Samoas.

Pairs well with a real breakfast of two soft boiled eggs and fruit.

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Sweet and Tangy Green Juice

Makes approx. 1 pint

What you need:

-1/2 cucumber
-3 celery stalks
-1 small green apple (Granny Smith are great)
-3 large romaine leaves
-2 large kale leaves
-1/2 lemon

What you do:

1. Clean your veggies! Remove any unwanted spots, stems, etc. Core your apple.

2. Add all ingredients except lemon to your juicer (these should all be fine on the soft speed, but you might want to increase for the apple).

3. Squeeze the lemon juice into your pitcher. Stir or shake well in a jar.

Green Juice

And next time remember to only eat one box of Girl Scout cookies in a week. Moderation.